I am Denis Peskov, a PhD student studying studying computational linguistics (or NLP) at the University of Maryland. I am advised by Professor Jordan Boyd-Graber. My main research interest is leveraging domain experts to create meaningful and accurate datasets. Additionally, I’m interested in question answering and machine translation.

I will be abroad at Ludwig Maximillian Universität in Munich in 2020 thanks to the DAAD Fellowship.


Ph.D., University of Maryland, Computer Science 2016 - ?

M.S., University of Maryland, Computer Science 2016-2018

B.S.F.S., Georgetown University, School of Foreign Service 2014

Industry Experience:

Amazon AWS AI

3M Healthcare (Natural Language Processing group)

PricewaterhouseCoopers Analytics Innovation Accelerator


Human: English, Russian, German, Spanish

01100011 01110011: Python, Java, Coq, C++, R

(decreasing order of fluency)

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