How to Build a Website

I’ve re-done my personal website and intend to occasionally publish technical content here.

Jekyll (where this is forked from) makes websites easy to build. It is both browser and mobile friendly. There are many customizable themes readily available if you want a less minimalistic experience. You’ll also want to purchase a domain, unless you’re content with Website domains are somewhat expensive (Anguilla chose the most marketable extension), but once you purchase one, the redirect is trivial.

To do what I did, follow directions here:

Then link it to your website as such (varies by website vendor):

After your website is online for 24 hours you’ll want to update your git settings to enforce HTTPS or otherwise you’ll be branded as “Not Secure”.

You’ll have to update the layout and actually write your content though! Robots: 1 for automation. Human: 1 for being able to think of content for a first blog post.